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As an Organizational Psychologist, my training is in psychology and human behavior.

I work with companies, teams, and individuals 

I help conscious companies build better leaders, more effective teams, and cultures where people can thrive. I also coach individuals through transition, challenging work relationships, career plateaus, career changes and more.

Over the last 15 years, this has meant working as a consultant for Buck Consultants and Accenture, advising clients like CalPERS, Cargill, Levi's, NetApp, United Healthcare, and more. It's also meant building the Organization & Talent Development and Diversity functions from from the ground up at Live Nation Entertainment, and wearing way too many hats at a few start-ups too. 

Passion for passion

My doctoral research in Industrial Organizational Psychology (the psychology of people in the workplace) was on How Passion Contributes to Performance. I remain super passionate (pun intended) about the subject (no more bad puns, promise).

what’s with the woo woo?

I know, I know. The term “woo woo” usually has a negative connotation. Here’s the deal. In nearly every corporate job I’ve ever had, coaching and advising has been a significant part of my role. I would often find myself offering up tools, practices, or even worksheets that I had created based on the spiritual work that I was doing at home or on weekends. I would find myself saying, “now, this may be a little woo woo, but…” And they loved it. I found that most people liked exploring the unseen pieces of themselves and appreciated ancient rituals, meditations, breathing techniques, and mantras to help them with that self-inquiry (even if it seemed a little… non-traditional).

So after a major health opportunity related to mold, migraine and severe burnout - and a healing process that was predicated on mindfulness, meditation, forgiveness, and so much spiritual work- I realized that I was doing myself and my clients a disservice by not integrating all of these not-so-disparate pieces of myself (spirituality, health, purpose, relationships, business, consciousness, and yes, what some may consider a little woo woo) into ONE. One approach for how I live my life. One approach for how I serve my clients. And one approach for how I show up and be of service in the world.

Weaving mindfulness practices, sacred rituals, and kundalini breathwork into my workshop experiences and coaching allows my clients to get out of their heads, into their hearts and bodies, and experience the work on a deeper level.

My life's work is helping people self-actualize through their work  

Self-actualizing through work creates a different paradigm for success.

Self-actualizing through work creates a more purpose-fueled, fulfilled life.

And the progressive leaders who help their people self-actualize through work will in return get a workforce who is galvanized to produce, create, innovate, give more, and make this world a better place. These are the people who are going to create quantum leaps for your business. These are the people who are going to change. the. world. 

The work I do is different, intentionally

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