Leadership retreats

“Thank you, Natalie, for bringing us to the next level! This was exactly what we needed to shine the spotlight on where to go next.”

“Natalie did a great job keeping our easily distracted group on track. The retreat felt very much like us, which I find super impressive for someone that works with all sorts of groups.”

“Natalie provided an incredible set of insights, professional thought leadership, objectivity and actionable insight that made me feel as though this was our most productively positive and powerful leadership retreat, ever!”


“ Working with Natalie was so powerful! I was able to finally articulate what aspects of my career were stuck and why. She armed me with the physical and emotional tools I needed to get unstuck, and to then be the architect of my future.  It made me a better leader, manager and employee, in turn resulting in my bosses championing my growth. But perhaps more importantly it made me happy, which reached far beyond my job and is lighting up my personal life. “ - Senior Executive, global travel brand