Are you suffering? Are the crazy demands of your big job and your big life taking a toll on your health, relationship(s), and / or your state of mind?

Do you know that life and work can be better but you don’t even know where to start?

Work does not have to be a source of distress. And no, you don’t have quit your job to find joy and peace in your life. And no, your personal life does not have to consistently take a back seat to your work.

You can have alignment between your work life and your life life. And you don't have to figure this all out on your own.

The work we do together helps you get to the root cause of your challenges, shut down your fears, create a clear path forward, and take aligned, purpose-fueled action. 

We explore where and why you're stuck, what's working, what's not working, and we excavate the core beliefs that are no longer serving you. We create amazing visions and realistic goals to get there. We focus on subtle shifts. We do. the. work.  And while we're doing it? We check in, we create accountability, and we have a good time! 



I partner with progressive companies large and small, who are looking to bring fresh thought leadership, perspectives, programs, experiences and processes to their employees and company cultures. I work with brave CEOs and Founders who are willing to look at their role in the current state of their organization, and then together, as trusted partners, dive into the data, craft the vision, and mindfully implement inspired change.

My consulting agency focuses on:

  • Crafting + Sustaining Company Culture

  • Diversity + Inclusion + Belonging Workshops

  • Employee Engagement

  • Employee Onboarding

  • Executive Coaching at the Team Level

  • Executive Offsites + Teambuilding

  • Leadership Workshops + Retreats

  • Meditating @ Work Programs

  • People Programs + Perks

  • Performance Management



Maybe it’s the whole middle child thing. Maybe it’s the fact I started doing Toastmaster’s in elementary school. I love public speaking. I love it. I adore being entrusted with people’s most valuable resource (their time) and having the honor of being able to introduce them to a new concept, idea, or piece of themselves through the art of verbal storytelling, self-inquiry, and sharing a piece of myself. I’ve been told that my style is natural, compelling, inspiring and sometimes a little silly. I love to have a good time and just because we may be touching on some very profound topics, it doesn’t need to be a snooze fest. Humor is the way to my heart, personally, and so that’s how I usually connect to people and to an audience as well. I also love finding and incorporating the latest science and statistics to engage the skeptics and ground the talk in relevant data.

Some of my favorite topics?

  • The 3 B’s of (the illusion of) Balance: Beliefs, Boundaries and Baggage

  • How to Forgive Your Boss (includes a group meditation)

  • Hush that Fuss: Quieting Your Inner Critic at Work

  • Your Body is Your Boss: What Your Body is Trying to Tell You at Work



I love crafting and facilitating inspiring, innovative workshops and retreats to address my clients' needs. It's an opportunity to step outside of  the established paradigm, reflect, tap into an unfamiliar piece of yourself, learn something new, connect with others, and have fun!  

No workshop is ever the same, even if I’ve delivered the topic hundreds of times.

I work with my clients to understand the needs of the group, and then determine how to weave in mindfulness practices and dynamic group work. The materials are beautiful, the approach is modern, and the participants leave feeling elevated and connected.