My coaching clients usually have two things in common. The first is that they've realized that they don't have to "do life" on their own. The second is that they're willing to do the often uncomfortable work that it takes to make real and lasting change. Other than that, they're diverse. My clients range from senior executives needing guidance, trusted counsel, or someone to help them be more effective at something, to stay-at-home moms looking to re-enter the workforce in a conscious way that Is aligned with their true passions. Alternatively, I was recently approached by a group of women looking for a curated coaching circle. They were all feeling a deep need for transformation, felt like they were in a rut, and wanted to do something that was focused, impactful,  supportive and healing. 

The work we do together helps you get to the root cause of your challenges, shut down your fears, create a clear path forward, and take aligned, purpose-fueled action. 

We explore where and why you're stuck, what's working, what's not working, and we excavate the core beliefs that are no longer serving you. We create amazing visions and realistic goals to get there. We focus on subtle shifts. We do. the. work.  And while we're doing it? We check in, we create accountability, and we have a good time, yo.   

Strategic Advisory

I partner with organizations, consulting on HR projects that usually fall into one of these categories: 

  • Corporate People Programs + Perks
  • Crafting + Sustaining Corporate Culture
  • Diversity + Inclusion Education
  • Group Facilitation + Executive Offsites + Teambuilding + Retreats (see below)
  • Talent Development  (Leadership + Management Training, Onboarding, Performance Management)

Immersive Group Experiences


I love crafting and facilitating inspiring, innovative workshops and retreats to address my clients' needs. This is not training. This is experiential learning. It's an opportunity to step outside of  the established paradigm, reflect, tap into an unfamiliar piece of yourself, learn something new, connect with others, and have fun!  

My workshops often contain a wellness component, with mindfulness practices and dynamic group work. The materials are beautiful, the approach is modern, and the participants leave feeling elevated and connected.